Scottsdale Psychological Society

About the Scottsdale Psychological Society

What is the Scottsdale Psychological Society?

    The Scottsdale Psychological Society is a nonprofit professional organization for licensed psychologists. Each of our members is engaged in private practice. However, the cooperative nature of the Society serves as a rich pool of resources to help us help our clients.

What's the difference between licensed psychologists and other therapists?

    Licensed psychologists have extensive formal education and training requirements, including internships and residencies. Consequently, they are highly skilled in efficiently and effectively assessing circumstances and facilitating the treatment process.

    The title "Psychologist" is licensed in most states, including Arizona. To qualify to be licensed, an individual must have earned a doctorate degree from an accredited institution. This training usually takes about seven years of schooling beyond a college bachelor's degree.

    Extensive training qualifies licensed psychologists to diagnose and develop effective treatment. They are also covered by most insurance companies.

When should I consider seeing a psychologist?

    The decision to seek psychological assistance is personal and often confusing. But it can also give you a sense of relief and an opportunity for growth.

    Stress and emotional problems affect everybody at one time or another for a variety of reasons. You, or someone you know, may be experiencing immediate or longstanding distress that interferes with daily living. A caring licensed psychologist can be part of the solution.

How else do people benefit from psychological services?

    PREVENTION - Many people are choosing to take responsibility for their mental health. They're dedicated to learning about themselves and dealing with difficult situations. This way, they can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems.

    INTERVENTION - Doctors and other professionals often refer individuals to psychologists. This collaborative approach to health care can eliminate unnecessary and more costly medical services.

    GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT - Once you find solutions to your immediate problems, you can continue to grow emotionally and expand your human potential.

What about confidentiality?

    Many of our clients are active professionals and prominent business and community leaders. The subject of confidentiality is very important. Our members may consult with each other to bring you the best individual care. But who you are and what you discuss with your psychologist is confidential.

How do I find the right psychologist?

    You can call any of the members in our directory for assessment and/or referral to someone who can provide the appropriate treatment. The next step is to make an initial appointment with one or more of the recommended psychologists. Then choose the one who relates well to you and with whom you feel the most comfortable.

Some members of the Society are available as speakers for groups and organizations. For further information, contact any member.